APRIL 22, 1:00-7:00pm -  Trifecta of Community Service Projects:  Join us in donating blood as well as collecting food & clothing.  Donation/drop off center will be at St. Peter’s - Edina,  5421 France Ave.

  1. Blood Drive with the American Red Cross – Shortly after our chartering we started hosting bloods drive at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Edina. Each time collecting more life-saving blood than the previous drive. This will be our fifth blood drive during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  1. Food Drive for Welcome Home Vets – This is our third food collection for Welcome Home Vets.  Additionally, we provided manpower and delivered dozens of home starter kits to Veterans moving into permanent housing.  Learn more about Welcome Home Vets 
  1. Clothing Drive for Every Third Saturday (ETS) – Right after our club chartering, we sponsored a multi-month clothing drive for ETS. Later this year, ETS is opening a new facility and they are looking for a semi-trailer full of clothes. Any type, gender, or size of clothing and shoes are acceptable.  Learn more about Every Third Saturday The new store will be designed from the ground up with the goal of creating an actual retail experience. Infusing dignity into the process is the #1 goal.
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