Our club meeting in February will include a presentation from 23rd Veteran. 
Ten years after serving in combat, the founder of 23rd Veteran returned to hope and happiness. Seeing many of his Marine Corps brothers continue that struggle, he vowed to grow an organization that could give them a chance to earn their happiness.
Personal trainers, positive psychologists, and military personnel collectively created the 23V Recon Playbook. A unique 14-week full-exposure and holistic approach to removing the negative effects of trauma. Based on self-reported data, this is one of the most effective programs developed for military and veterans who’ve experienced trauma. 100% of graduates have reported living a happier and higher quality of life. Many graduates have returned to the workforce, healthier family lives, and stronger contributors to their community.
The VISION of 23rd Veteran: give U.S. veterans a future of hope, opportunity, community, and inner peace.
You are invited, Thursday, February 10, 7-8pm at this Zoom Link.  Invite a friend who can relate to this kind of stress.  Is there a fellow veteran in your life? Invite them.