The Blood Drive hosted by the Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans turned out to be even more of a service event than expected. There is now an extreme shortage of blood and Veterans will always step forward to make a sacrifice.  Thank you to all who have stepped forward to donate blood.  
The Red Cross has added additional staff and appointments, and those were immediately filled. The RedCross suffered a delay due to a technology update, however patience was part of the heart of the donors. We had some walk-ins, long wait times, and people staying late to donate - even past 10:00pm!
When the Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans scheduled the blood drive, we were told that they consider a drive that results in 25 blood units to be successful. We collected 59 units on lifesaving blood at our blood drive March 26! 60 donors presented to donate, 3 donors were deferred, and 3 donors didn’t finish their donations in the allotted amount of time. We also had 33 first time donors!
Thank you Rotarians for all of your hard work preparing for and executing this successful blood drive! Thank you St. Peter's - Edina for offering your sanctuary as a safe place for this event and for so many members who donated - and thank you to our metro community who didn't let the fears surrounding the pandemic keep you away from serving others with the gift of life.
Each blood donation can save up to 3 lives, meaning 177 lives can be positively impacted by the blood collected at just your blood drive!