Do you know that the Edina Morningside RC, together with several 5950 clubs, are sponsors of a Rotary Community Corps?  The Afghan Community in Minnesota is led by our friend & member Shah and his son Tahir.  Inaugural meeting was in February at the Edina Community Center.   
Afghan refugees have come to the Twin Cities by the hundreds.  Many have supported the American mission in Afghanistan either directly or indirectly. We have approximately 40 from this community attend.  The stories are real and heart-breaking including two families that are split up - in one case a mom was unable to evacuate, in another case a dad unable to evacuate.  In the former case, the dad arrived here with a 4-yr old daughter.  In the latter case, the mom is here with five children and expecting her sixth.  Many needs throughout this community - almost overwhelming. Please let Bob know if you are interested in getting involved.