As Veterans Day rolls around, I want to let you know that you are not alone.  The Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans is made up of people who have experienced a variety of military settings. You did so much. The camaraderie you experienced was real.  At times you might feel alone.  You aren't. 
We are here to walk beside you. Be part of learning together.  Be part of serving together.  Be part of making a difference for fellow veterans.  That is what participating in the Rotary Club of MN Veterans is all about.
I was asked to lead the prayer for the Area 3 Rotary Veterans Lunch this year.  Here is what I prayed... with you in mind!
Join me as we take a moment to prepare our hearts to remember the impact of conflict in our world and the heroes who have fought for the freedoms we enjoy.
We pray for those who have lost loved ones;
We pray for those who can’t forget what they have seen;
We pray for those impacted by wars today;
We pray for an end to division and hatred;
We pray for our armed forces and government.

Today we assemble to give thanks for our veterans:
Those who have served on our behalf;
Those who have sacrificed;
Those who were determined to make a better life for their families and country.

We give thanks for their example of service above self.
We give thanks for Rotary and our impact upon the world.
We ask Your blessing upon all those gathered here today and those veterans in our hearts.
Grant us all Your peace. Amen. 
You are not alone,
Mark Shockey
Club XO