Welcome to the Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans

We invite you to support Mothers and Child Health Care, RCMV’s current project. Donate maternity clothes (all sizes and all seasons), diapers sizes 2-5, baby hygiene products, and children cloths sizes 2-5. Let’s see if we can gather over 2,500 diapers and 75 pounds of clothing.
Check out St. Peters Edina drop off site, they have a crib inside the front door.  Better yet, bring your donation items when you attend the RCMV meeting at St. Peters on Thursday evening, May 12. Donate and enjoy camaraderie with other club members.
Want to avoid in-store shopping and driving donation(s) around town? Then use Costco, Sam’s, Prime and simply ship your donation to 310 23rd Court S., South St. Paul, MN 55075.  The process is fast and nearly effortless. It’s how the first donation arrived.
In salute to all mothers, partake in the Mothers and Child Health Care project and pay it forward!
If you wish to coordinate a donation, please contact: douglas.kuplic@comcast.net

Join us for our club meeting, Thursday, May 12, 2022 7:00pm

Azule Foundation & Veteran Employment

Presenter: Mike Wolbrink

The Azule Foundation is committed to seeking out veterans and their families to address their needs and intervene to prevent a crisis state. They’re dedicated to reinventing the response to veteran issues and finding real solutions to real problems like homelessness, unemployment, mental illness, substance abuse, divorce, and suicide.
Six Focus Areas:
  • physical health
  • emotional well-being
  • economic stability
  • education
  • relationships
  • spirituality
Azule entrusts mobilized units of trained professionals to provide in-home advocacy and outreach services to veterans that address the whole person and their families. Additionally, they provide financial support for individuals seeking to advance their spirituality through ministry, mission trips, and other approved faith-based endeavors.
Don't miss this presentation. We will meet in person in the Underground Room at St. Peter's - Edina: 5421 France Ave. S. Edina.  Refreshments will be served.
Here is the Zoom Link for the meeting if you are unable to attend in person.

View a listing of upcoming speakers.  Guests are always welcome.  Come check out one of Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans meetings. While most of our members are veterans, we also have members who didn't serve in the military but are just passionate about serving veterans.  We also have couples who have joined the club together.
Unless noted otherwise, all meetings take place at St. Peter's - Edina, 5421 France Ave S.

Do you know that the Edina Morningside RC, together with several 5950 clubs, are sponsors of a Rotary Community Corps?  The Afghan Community in Minnesota is led by our friend & member Shah and his son Tahir.  Inaugural meeting was in February at the Edina Community Center.   
Afghan refugees have come to the Twin Cities by the hundreds.  Many have supported the American mission in Afghanistan either directly or indirectly. We had approximately 40 from this community attend.  The group included two families that are split up - in one case a mom was unable to evacuate, in another case a dad unable to evacuate.  In the former case, the dad arrived here with a 4-yr old daughter.  In the latter case, the mom is here with five children and expecting her sixth.  Many needs throughout this community - almost overwhelming. Please let me know if you are interested in getting involved. Photos were redacted for the safety of the refugees.  

This picture could reflect almost any Rotary club project...until you first watch the heart-rending video, Brothers In Service, which depicts Afghan families building new new lives in the United States. Then you will truly appreciate the Team Rubicon and Minnesota Veterans Rotarians who abruptly mounted a disaster response mission.
Afghan refugees were arriving by bus loads at Ft McCoy in September 2021. They remained in the same clothing they wore when they fled Kabul two weeks earlier. Huge tents bearing the logo of American Red Cross Disaster Response were set up on the post.  
With only four days of preparation, Team Rubicon and several charter members of the Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans organized a clothing drive that filled an SUV and cargo carrier. There were enough funds to purchase another car load of clothes locally in WI. The Minnesota Veterans Club was instrumental in the success of this impromptu mission project. Thanks to club members, including charter members Bob Keller (left) and Shah and Sayed (center), it was an amazing response that inspired Team Rubicon to set up a clothing drive at Target Field several weeks later.  

Project Got Your Back held two Launch events at Torg Brewery in Spring Lake Park. Rotary Club of MN Veterans members stepped up to help guide vets parking and entering the brewery event. Project Got Your Back was our program at the last club meeting. Jeff Staads, club president, serves on the Board of this effort to help vets discover all the services and resources that exist out there.

About Rotary Veterans
We are a group of Veterans and other service minded men and women living in Minnesota who were chartered as a service club within Rotary International in October, 2019.  Our sense of service derives from military core values of "Service before Self"  that parallels those of Rotary International "Service above Self." 
Service includes: actively caring for one another and our extended families - especially during times of hurt; serving in our communities - youth, civic organizations, schools and the elderly; duly honoring other veterans & their families - especially during times of grief; and serving those in area/regions where we have served, such as projects in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, etc.  


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