Welcome to the Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans

After a delay due to restrictions around COVID-19, we are ready for boots on the ground.  We need 4-5 people to prep for painting the room we are refurbishing.
The Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans selected and funded the first recipient of a grant / service project earlier this year.  Haven for Heroes offers housing for challenged veterans - and their children in 2 privately run 4-story cottages.  Back in January, we met Bart Ward for a tour and recon of facilities and the cottage we plan on refurbishing with our $20,000 Foundation Grant.  We will be working on preparing a family recreation area. We were delayed until the building was structurally sound and then the stay at home order stopped progress.  In the meantime, our grant has gone even further as some essential worker companies donated time and materials to keep the project going!  
The are now prepared for volunteers. We need to form a team of volunteers ON SATURDAY, JUNE 27 in the morning.  The project will be scraping and sanding for old cement/plaster wall prep.  Some manual and power tools will make the project easy. Please contact Bob Keller with questions.
Learn more about Haven for Heroes  The address is 3300 4th Avenue North, Anoka

This week's Vets Club meeting will be a social. We have been invited by Tom Gump and our sponsoring club, the Rotary Club of Edina Morningside to participate in a watch party.  Join with Tom and other club members in-person at St. Peter's at 6:30pm for desserts and beverages.  Or watch from your home at 7:00pm. While registration isn't required, you can register and you'll receive reminders from the District.  (Be sure to let Mark know if you participated online for attendance credit). 
Watch on YouTube.  Watch on Facebook.

6” X 9” Cotton US Stick Flag with Spear Top and 18” Dowel
Individual Flags:                 $5.00 each
To purchase, please contact a member of the Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans, or contact RotaryMNVeterans@gmail.com and let us know your location in the Twin Cities Metro area and we will connect you to a club member.
Larger quantities over 500 are available for a reduced price. 
All proceeds from the flag sales go to support the mission of the Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans:
Serving past & present members of the armed forces and their families by identifying their unmet needs and quickly mobilizing our members to solve these issues.
We are committed to help those in need by taking action through selfless service with boots on the ground, leveraging Rotary resources, and partnering with other Veterans organizations.

Members of the Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans,
The Club Board wants to test if you are ready to resume in-person meetings.  When enough members are ready, we would host the meetings in the sanctuary of St. Peter's.  The space is set up for social distancing, has a filtered fresh-air HVAC system, has mounted TV screens, and an American flag!  Doors would be propped, surfaces are professionally cleaned using a disinfecting protocol, and hand sanitizer would be readily available. 
Please note that we want you to be comfortable gathering - so if you aren't, we will continue to provide a live online Zoom meeting option.  
Please take 3 minutes to complete this survey.   

The Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans and Choice Bank are hosting an American Red Cross Blood Drive on Thursday, July 23, 2020 from 1pm - 7pm at St. Peter's - Edina.
Our club's last blood drive hit at the beginning of the pandemic and was extremely successful. It is time to do it again. Blood supplies remain at a critical level and blood donors are needed. 
DONATE:  You may pre-register to donate HERE.  Walk-ins are welcome but will likely require a wait.
VOLUNTEER: Sign up for a volunteer shift HERE.  Even if you don't donate, you can still volunteer.  We have several openings for set-up, tear-down, greeters, screeners, and friendly people in the canteen.
The blood drive will be our meeting for this night - a service event.  If you have questions, please contact Bethany Danner

11 June 2020 – Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans
Special Guests: Rwanda & Lloyd Campbell 
Rwanda served as a military MD and is a member of our Veterans Club.  Lloyd has held a variety of leadership positions in Rotary and has been selected to be our District Governor in 2022-2023. We invited them to share some of their experiences as Black Americans.  Listening to each other is powerful!  Rwanda & Lloyd Campbell shared their perspective in a very moving and positive way.  CLICK HERE to watch this educational presentation (the recording cuts in right after the introductions).

About Rotary Veterans
We are a group of Veterans and other service minded men and women living in Minnesota who were chartered as a service club within Rotary International in October, 2019.  Our sense of service derives from military core values of "Service before Self"  that parallels those of Rotary International "Service above Self." 
Service includes: actively caring for one another and our extended families - especially during times of hurt; serving in our communities - youth, civic organizations, schools and the elderly; duly honoring other veterans & their families - especially during times of grief; and serving those in area/regions where we have served, such as projects in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, etc.  


Change your community with us by volunteering on a local project.


We work with groups and organizations of all sizes to accomplish even more.


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